May 27 2005 :
Official statement.

There are changes in Lead Weight. The bass guitarist's position, occupied by Jesus (ex-ALLONS and NEFORMAT), was taken by VLAD, known for his work with IZVERG as a bass player and a lead singer. Also in the band there's a new drummer Scarred (ex- IZVERG). The guitar tandem Yermola-Grom remained the same. The band has been intensively practising with the new members and as soon as this summer, will come up with the new music set. The band respects its former members and wishes them well in all of their new projects.

August 08 2004 :
Ordinary "Penetrator" album review from Turkish "HolySin" magazine. Rate: 8 / 10. You can find the text here...

July 23 2004 :
The broadcast of rock music in Kazakhstan will be on air on Caspionet TV channel on Monday, July 26. It will come out every hour in Russian, Kazakh, and English by turns. LEAD WEIGHT, BLUES MOTEL, INKARNA, Nitrokamera and Julia Varlakova with Undeground portal will be on screen.

July 05 2004 :
June 28th at "MuzZone" rehearsal place, LEAD WEIGHT had a video shoot for the TV show which will be broadcasting on CASPIONET in about a week. TV channel CASPIONET is a part of ZAO "Khabar" Agency and broadcasts in three languages (russian, kazakh and english) to 37 countries (in Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa)

How to watch us:

Retransmission questions: "Khabar" Agency : (3272)-700-177, 700-181
WWW: http://www.khabar.kz
Satellite: HOT BIRD 1-5 (13°E)
Signal operation factors: 12149 V, 27500, 3/4
Format: MPEG - Clear
Professional transceiving equipment:
Receiver: Tandberg TT1220
Antenna: BE130A
Converter: Digicom DKF-71

Retransmission questions: "Khabar" Agency : (3272)-700-177, 700-181
WWW: http://www.khabar.kz
Satellite: EUTELSAT SESAT (36°E)
Signal operation factors: 11053 V, 2892, 3/4
Format: MPEG - Clear
Professional transceiving equipment:
Receiver: Tandberg TT1220
Antenna: A200A
Converter: California Amplifier Mod. 150297
Additional equipment: exciter FKU

April 19 2004 :
Here you can download MP3 fragment of "Useless", recorded with new bass player Jesus Cr.

March 23 2004 :
Virtuoso of 5 strings… JESUS Cr. became a long-awaited new participant of LEAD WEIGHT band. Now, when the band has the “God’s” blessing, recording of conceptual creation “ALLY” will be continued. Also after a series of rehearsals with a new member, the band will recommence its concert activity.

Service record of JESUS (in the role of mastermind, main vocalist and bass player) includes the cult thrash-death-industrial project ALLONS and current participation in hard-core/death formation NEFORMAT.


March 03 2004 :
Recently announced compilation of Kazakhstan's metal groups "UNDERGROUND FOREVER KZ" has been issued. Almost all participants of the compilation: Holy Dragons; Requiem; Neformat; Mjertvye Dushi; Black Fox and Inkarna - performed for a large audience in presentation at the "Metropol" club last night. The first disc of a planned series introduced the whole diversity of Almaty and provincial stage from techno-death "LEAD WEIGHT" to retro-power "HOLY DRAGONS". The compilation presents almost all styles of modern extreme music, except that, only excluding grindcore and industrial. This project with a financially sound first part promises to become a systematic issue and give to the audience an opportunity to get to know the whole palette of Kazakhstan's informal music. To purchase the disc, please e-mail at: jpi@inbox.ru

Web-site: http://underground.forever.kz/

February 20 2004 :
2 more Internet Shops except Sound Check started "Penetrator" album on-line sales... There are - SHOP IDDK Ru and CD BUY.RU. Cost 130 RR or 4$/EURO + postal expenses.

February 16 2004 :
LEAD WEIGHT will take part in the first Kazakhstan's metal compilation. You can find more information here... Presentation of the CD will be on February 28-th in the "Metropol" club (Makataeva Str. (Pastera) corner of Muratbaeva Str.) with Holy Dragons; Requiem; Neformat; Mjertvye Dushi; Black Fox; Inkarna. Entrance fee - 300 tenge. Details on presentation are here...

February 03 2004 :
Updates in "Multimedia" section! New "ALLY" desktops for free...

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